Hey, I'm Jeff. The Founder & Creative Director here at Two Skip. I am a ski junkie that can't get his mind off of snow days, mountains, gear, etc/etc. My head is a constant motion picture of deep powder runs, rope ducking, and toasting to successful ski days with good friends.

I spent some formidable years after university in Colorado, but moved home to New York in 2023 after a 4 month "sabbatical" roadtrip. My Jeep, Ruby, and I covered 30+ mountains throughout the United States and Canada. The only real plan was the direction I was headed. Everyday was impromptu, sleeping in Walmart parking lots or free spaces outside of the Tetons, this was supposed to purge the desire to ski the West out of me. If anything it made me want more. And here we are...

This brand is my outlet. My passion project. But it's for everyone who loves the sport, and anyone reading this. Two Skip is a saying across ski hills around the world. I was just fortunate enough to coin it.

Thank you all for your support. It means everything to me. To No Last Runs - JTCii